• 108V Cordless Lawnmower
    True petrol performance with the reliability of Li-Ion battery
  • Robotic Lawnmowers
    Spend less time working and more time enjoying your garden
  • Petrol Lawnmowers
    Featuring Briggs & Stratton engines, power you can really trust
  • Cordless Lawnmowers
    Cordless Mowing Freedom

    Product Highlights

    • Article Number: AMIRO400i
    • Battery Capacity: 2.0Ah
    • Power: 20V
    • Garden size: 400m²
    • Cutting System: 3 x Steel Blades
    • Charge Time: 100 min

    32cm Cordless Lawnmower

    • Model: LM G32
    • Power: 40V
    • Battery Capacity: 2.5Ah
    • Cutting Width: 32cm
    • Run Time: 25min
    • Garden size: 300m²

    Yard Force 34cm Cordless Lawnmower

    • Model: LM G34
    • Power: 40V
    • Battery Capacity: 2.5Ah
    • Brushless Motor: Yes
    • Torque Sense Technology: Yes
    • Cutting Width: 34cm
    • Run Time: 45min
    • Garden size: 350m²
    • Model: GM B41
    • Power: 125cc
    • Engine: Briggs & Stratton 300E
    • Cutting Width: 41cm
    • Garden size: 400m²
    • Model: EW U13
    • Power: 1800W
    • Max Pressure: 135Bar
    • Rated Pressure: 90Bar
    • Max Flow Rate: 360L/Hour

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