Blower Vac / Saw / Fan/ Scarifier

    Cordless Blower Vacuums and Garden Saws
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    Tools with Multiple Functions – 3in1

    All our garden blower/vacuums have 3 functions: vacuuming, blowing and mulching to make light work of removing leaf and garden waste. Switch quickly and easily from blowing and vacuuming to mulching and with an high mulching ration your garden waste can be quickly condensed in the large collection bag.

    lightweight design

    Air Speed Control

    The Blower Vacuum has variable speeds which help you to operate the tool from a low speed for flower beds to higher speeds which are perfect for larger spaces.

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    Powewrful Samsung Lithium-Ion batteries

    The Samsung Lithium-Ion batteries in our gardening tools offer a high voltage of cordless power and can be charged in quickly and efficiently. This means that any garden task can be tackled quickly and effectively.

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    Lightweight Design

    Yard Force garden saws are designed with comfort and practicality in mind. Lightweight and with ergonomically designed soft grip handles they deliver highly controlled results, effortlessly.

    • Model: LF C36 + LS C08
    • Power: 20V
    • Lithium-Ion Battery: 2.0Ah
    • Run Time: max run tim 12h, misting fan up to 12h, garden saw up to 30min
    • Charge Time: 60min
    • Water Flow: 3l/h (fan)
    • Speed: 5.4m/s (fan)
    • Bucket: 23L(fan)
    • Cutting Capacity: Wood 70mm, Soft Metal 7mm
    • Cutting System: 3 blades: wood 70mm, metal 7mm, wood and metal 7mm
    • Weight: 4.9kg (fan) 1.9kg ( saw)
    • Model: LB G18W
    • Lithium-Ion Battery: 40 V
    • Battery Capacity: 2.5Ah
    • Brushless Motor: Yes
    • Charge Time: 60min
    • Model: EA U36
    • Cutting Width: 36cm
    • Folding Handles: Yes
    • Grass Bag: 45L
    • Depth Adjustment: 4 steps: -12 ~ +10
    • Model: LF C36
    • Power: 20V
    • Lithium-Ion Battery: 2.0Ah
    • Weight: 4.9kg
    • Run Time: max run tim 12h
    • Charge Time: 60min
    • Water Flow: 3l/h
    • Speed: 5.4m/s
    • Bucket: 23L
    • Power: 20V
    • Battery Capacity: 2.0Ah
    • Accessories: 1 x nylon & 1 x steel cleaning brush; battery; charger
    • Weight: 3.9kg
    • Power: 750W
    • Blade Length: 20cm
    • Chain Speed: 12.5m/s
    • Oil tank capacity: 100ml
    • Weight: 3.9kg
    • Power: 40V
    • Battery Capacity: Dual 2 x 20V 2.0Ah Samsung Lithium-Ion batteries
    • Variable Air Speed: Max 230km/h
    • Charge Time: 60min
    • Run Time: 20 min no loading running time
    • 3 in 1 function: Blowing, vacuuming and mulching with 8:1 mulching ratio
    • Power: 20V
    • Battery Capacity: 2.0Ah
    • Charge Time: 60mins
    • Run Time: 30mins
    • Weight: 1.9kg