LF C36

20V Portable Misting Fan

The 20V Portable Misting Fan is perfect for keeping cool during the Summer months. It can be used as a desk fan around the house,  plus the unique misting feature means you can use it outside to generate a cool misted breeze.

  • 20V 2.5Ah Lithium-Ion Samsung battery powered misting fan
  • Can be used indoors as a desk fan and outdoors as a misting fan
  • Up to 350° vertical and 70° horizontal wind direction adjustment 
  • 3 wind speed settings, and 2 misting levels
  • All-in-one water-proofed control panel
  • 23L water bucket
  • 60min charging time and 6h run time
  • Speed 5.4 m/s
  • Water flow 3 l/h


  • 1 x battery 
  • 1 x charger 

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Product features


40V 2.5Ah Lithium-Ion Samsung battery powered misting fan with a 60 minute charging time, and 6 hr run time.
Perfect for use Indoor/Outdoor

Ideal for use indoors as a desk fan, or outdoors as a misting fan.
Adjustable Wind Direction

Up to 350° vertical and 70° horizontal wind direction adjustment. 3 wind speed settings and 2 misting levels.
23L Storage Bucket

Large 23L bucket for holding water. Can also be used for fan storage and with our Aqujet LW C02 cordless pressure washer.


Product Specifications

Technical Specifications
ModelLF C36
Lithium-Ion Battery2.0Ah
Run Timemax run tim 12h
Charge Time60min
Water Flow3l/h
Weight4.9 kg