Yard Force warranty:

  • From the date of purchase, your product is automatically covered by a 2-year manufacturer warranty.
  • We offer a free 1-year warranty extension which can be activated by registering within 28 days of purchase, providing you with a 3-year warranty on your Yard Force product (exclusions apply, see below).
  • All our batteries and chargers are covered by a 1-year warranty and are not included in the warranty extension.


Warranty does not apply to damage caused by:

  • Accident or unforeseen events (e.g, lightning, water, fire, etc.).
  • Improper use or transportation.
  • Disregard of safety and maintenance instructions.
  • Other improper processing or modification.
  • Second hand products.


List of components subject to warranty exclusion:

  • Blades, blade holder, spool line/cutting head or brush cutter blades.
  • Upper handle foam.
  • Tyres (including cuts, wear, and damage).
  • Seat (wear and tear or damage on seat covering)
  • Evidence of lack of reasonable care.
  • The fitting of parts, replacements or extra components which are not supplied or approved by Yard Force
  • Contaminated/stale fuel.
  • Robotic lawn mower top cover hinge


Out of warranty repairs:

Our product support does not end when your warranty expires. We will still be able to provide technical support and, depending on the type of product, repair services. (Applicable repair charges will apply).

For out of warranty support, please contact our customer service team. Collection and inspection fee is £29.99, once inspected our support team will provide a quote for required repair parts/labour for customers approval.


Spare Parts:

Please note that spare part purchases are excluded from this warranty policy.

Yard Force UK may use its discretion, in exceptional circumstances to replace a part that is deemed faulty after inspection by Yard Force UK technical team.


Decisions regarding warranty conditions are at the discretion of the Yard Force UK management team. Your statutory rights will remain unaffected with regards to this warranty policy. 


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